Wharf Select Solaris C003 worktops featuring a seamless white 11/2 bowl sink, breakfast bar with Select solid surface legs, coved upstands and backsplash.

Brighton & Hove Kitchens

Wharf Select seamless, the ultimate in luxury solid surface worktops. Select is an exclusive brand only available through an approved network of kitchen showrooms and is fabricated using the latest digital technology to ensure quality and precision throughout.

The team at Wharf is passionate about Select and committed to producing the best bespoke worktops on the market. If you are looking for a cutting edge and contemporary look for your kitchen then Select is the answer.

Features and Benefits

Wharf Select work surfaces have a range of features to give your kitchen that 'wow factor' including:
Seamless joins give the appearance of one solid work surface with inconspicuous joins no matter how long or wide.

The non-porous hygienic surface is an ideal material that is resistant to moisture, bacteria and staining - making it easy to clean and maintain.

Guaranteed colour matching, with colour consistency throughout, make it an ideal surface for your kitchen.

The complete template, fabricate and install service for our bespoke solid surface worktops ensures minimal disruption in the home during installation.

Slab ends with a seamless return to the floor give kitchens a contemporary finish.

Seamless curves in any size can accurately follow the line of any curvedunit. Select worktops are fabricated with a seamless inner radius at every change of direction - there are no corner joins.
Seamless coved upstands are available in any size up to 600mm high.

The seamless look continues into the window area with the option of seamless window boards.

Backsplashes in the same colour complete the look behind sinks and hobs.

Contemporary solid surface sinks with stainless steel bases are available in every colour to match your worktop.

Seamless white moulded sinks and drainer grooves are available as a single bowl or 1½ bowl sinks.

Recessed drainers give sink areas a clean and sophisticated look.

Front edge depth ranges from a 12mm stepped edge to over 100mm.

The choice of front edge profiles includes pencil edge, square edge, no-drip edge, stepped edge, bullnose, and shark's nose.
Edge Profiles
contemporary solid surface sinks with stainless steel bases
Seamless slab ends
Seamless window boards
seamless white moulded sinks and drainer grooves
seamless curves in any size
Seamless coved upstands
a choice of front edge profiles: example - shark's nose
recessed sink drainer